❤ Angelic Pretty Cat’s Tea Party 

JSK - Angelic Pretty

Beret/Tights - Jane Marple

Cardigan/Shoes - Emily Temple Cute

Necklace - Baby the Stars Shine BRight



I picked up my new JSK over the weekend! pepfox's Crowning Glory in Midnight Blue. I love this dress, it’s absolutely gorgeous. This dress is by far, my favorite piece in my wardrobe now, I don’t want to take it off!  Thank you girls at pepfox! Your work is amazing!

Over the weekend the most common sounds heard at the PepFox table were ‘Nooooo’ and some kind of incoherent weeping. I can safely say all our customers’ sweet comments leave us in much the same state (all in a good way of course!). Thank you so much for all your support and continued love for Peppermint Fox, we’ll keep working hard for you all!


エヴァLOG by danch✿


My outfit for Enchanted! I had a wonderful time meeting new people and hanging with friends. The crown and orb are handmade to match the dress!


My outfit for Enchanted day 1. I will write a report and lots of cute things that I saw during my stay in london on my blog

JSK: Vierge Vampur
Blouse: Moitie
Socks: Innocent World
Wig: Cyperous
Everything else: offbrand or handmade





*Jaws theme*

OP - Bodyline Costume 295 (with the bib seam ripped out and without detachable bow)
Shoes - Bodyline 274
Blouse - Etsy, vintage section
Hair - GLW Duchess Elodie

^ You don’t care about any of that, hahaha, here’s the shark bag!

dat bag

(Source: 90210stupid)


An extremly talented anon drew me in my recent witch coord and I absolutely adore their drawing, I just had to share it. Thank you anon.