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Fail QuQ its too detailed and its too late too…..sigh. Anyway Cry I hope you like it, and you can use it for anything. I had really much fun making it. 


Ciciwork crown


Midori and I modeling for the Otakuthon Baby the Stars Shine Bright Fashion Show 2014 in Montreal, Canada~
Our fashion show outfits and her pink usakumya all matched so we looked like we were getting married together as a family XD!! My Fjord hat even had a veil too! It was so amazing to finally get to meet Midori and to model with her <3!



Innocent World - https://weheartit.com/entry/136843452 綿菓子のワンダーランド

Follow me into the woods. A dark mori and lolita fashion blog.



Infanta Tea Party Underdress

Can someone give me this in all colorways. That would be a dream


Stained Glass : Saint Vitus Resrvation open

Preorder : http://haenuli.storenvy.com/
Preorder for Payment plan: http://haenulishop.livejournal.com/13710.html

Onepiece shirring detial from bust and frills are chiffon :)

It looks lovely


Here are a few detail - pictures of my cdc and rrl coord :)

What to Look For in Offbrand Blouses and Blouse Patterns


(Remember last night when I dramatically declared that the blouse post was going to take a while?

In the meantime, here’s this reference sheet)

Most of my blouses are offbrand. They’re very easy to find in thrift stores, consignment stores, and in other stores too.



You’re not a ~real man~ unless you’re just as pretty as all the girls in the room.